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The Not-So-Pro Bowl and the Super Duper Bowl January 26, 2010

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Forget David Garrard, the NFL should have invited these lovely ladies to Miami. (From Jaguars.com)

I know this is the same drill as every other year, you most likely read similar articles elsewhere, but bare with me here to get to the more original material.  We are less than a week away from the Pro Bowl, where the best players as voted by the fans and players converge to clash on the gridiron in a Hawaiian island paradise. Except this time they will not meet in a Hawaiian island paradise, but a Miami suburb one week before the Super Bowl. And the best players?  Many of them are injured, in the Super Bowl, or don’t really want to play, clearing the way for the likes of David Garrard and Vince Young in a clash of players who don’t care about the game being played. The NFL is hoping that holding the Pro Bowl in the Super Bowl city a week before will help drum up public interest, but what they ought to do is sell the tickets for the two events as one package.  That would be two games for the price of the one that you actually want to see!  I have to wonder if maybe one day an NFL executive will stumble across this post and think to themselves, “This Ryan guy has a great idea! I’ll rip it off and take all the credit!” I wouldn’t really mind their idea thievery either, I’m just looking out for the fans who spend their hard earned money to travel and attend the Super Bowl.

Get ready to watch the Colts march up down and all over the place on February 7th.

This year’s Super Bowl has the match-up that many talking heads and sports writers had predicted mid-season, but not yours truly.  Year in and year out I viciously cling to the hope that my team will someday make it over the hump and take the plunge into Super Bowl glory.  Maybe next year?  In the meantime, this year belongs to the Saints and Colts. And by that I mean it belongs to the Indianapolis Colts, who I believe will win by at least two scores.  The Saints have to be loved by many millions of people right now, having become a symbol of New Orleans’ recovery from Hurricane Katrina and the disaster management fiasco that ensued.  I see people here in San Diego rooting for them on Facebook for multiple reasons, from Drew Brees to pure compassion for the inhabitants of New Orleans. The problem is, the Colts are like the Death Star about to blow up Alderaan, no matter how much you want to believe Princess Leia can save them.  That’s right, Peyton Manning is Governor Tarkin and Drew Brees is Princess Leia.  I haven’t decided who is playing Darth Vader, but that’s beside the point.  The Colts are a machine, as demonstrated by the way they steamrolled the NFL’s “#1 ranked” defense in the second half of last week’s AFC Championship Game. New Orleans doesn’t have a bad defense, but a good defense is not enough to win here.  One must truly have an epic defense to beat the man who has “perfected the art” of playing quarterback, and no such defense appears to exist at the present.  I don’t intend to sound like a hater, but it will take some kind of fairy tale miracle for the Saints to pull off a victory and the US used up it’s miracle powers in the 1980 Miracle On Ice.  While the Chargers are yet another year away from immortal glory, I can take comfort in knowing that the coming Super Bowl will be nowhere near as painful for me as it will be for Saints backers.

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1. rhaber - April 12, 2010

I ate a healthy serving of crow for this one. Maybe I should blast the Chargers’ chances of winning a super bowl. You know, like reverse pyschology.

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